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We are located in Edgbaston, Birmingham.

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Our Team has grown steadily over the past 10 years. We all share a passion for providing high quality clinically effective physiotherapy. We are all different and have slightly different areas of interest and expertise but together we have confidence that we have the skills, knowledge and experience needed to help you with your injury or pain.

Our other key team member is Sara, she runs the Practice from our admin room. She can sort out all admin issues with insurers etc, and will be the person you speak to when you call to book your initial session.

Sarah Duncton BSc (Hons) MCSP SRP

My Story

My interest in physiotherapy first started when I was 15 - I sprained my ankle just days before my first England Junior hockey trial. It was a nasty sprain, and I didn't make the team that year, but with physio support I then made the England team every year until I was 21.

That's when my career as a physio started, having graduated from Birmingham University with a First class honours degree in physiotherapy I began slowly working my way around NHS physio departments gaining tonnes of experience in treating people with injury and who are in pain. I carried on playing hockey at National Premier league level and also did lots of travelling working as a physio in Australia and New Zealand.

I always loved learning about how the body works, and found it's workings just fascinating. I've always had an interest in mind-body connections, and love meeting new patients, establishing a strong trusting relationship, finding out what makes them tick and working with them to reach their goals.

It's one of the best feelings in the world when a patients looks at you with a tear in their eye, and says a heartfelt 'thank you, I couldn't have done this without you'. It's incredibly rewarding and I feel very lucky to have a job that brings so much satisfaction.

My Tool-Kit

I am trained in Pilates and Acupuncture and integrate these into my practice every day. I also believe in good hands-on therapy and use soft tissue massage and other techniques on most sessions. I think my biggest asset is my ability to treat patients holistically, to consider their whole story, to create a sound yet lighthearted working relationship, to inspire confidence in their ability to make the changes necessary to reach their goals.

Outside work

I have a young family so in my time outside work you might find me in a softplay zone somewhere or running after a small child going way too fast on a scooter.

To keep fit I do British Military Fitness, I love training outdoors in the fresh air. To relax I love to eat out and drink good wine.

Jay Patel BS/c (Hons) Physiotherapy MCSP

My Story

Having qualified in 2005 from the University of Nottingham, I have worked within a variety of different fields within the NHS and private sectors including orthopaedics, neurological rehabilitation, respiratory, adults with learning disabilities and musculo-skeletal outpatients.

It is the musculo-skeletal field in which my passion lies. There is such a wide variety of problems that we face and what I have learnt over the best part of a decade in clinical practice is that even the same condition can present very differently in people, this certainly keeps you on your toes. I am a strong believer in treating people holistically and delivering individualised treatment programs to target their specific goals and needs.

I find my work very rewarding and feel there is no greater feeling then when I help someone recover from a problem and get them back to whatever it is they want, it gives me a real buzz and there is no better feeling!

My Toolbox

I am a strong believer in "hands-on" therapy and try to incorporate manual therapy into individualised treatment of my patients. Treatments which I use include Spinal Manipulation, soft tissue massage, Acupuncture, exercise therapy, McKenzie Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy just to name a few.

Outside of Work

I am a keen D.I.Y.'er and am handy around the house and under the bonnet of a car. I love the feeling of being able to diagnose a problem and fix it, I suppose it goes hand in hand with my line of work! When I'm not fixing things I like to travel far and wide seeing different parts of the world.

Alan Rowlands BSc (Hons) MCSP SRP

My Story

As a Physiotherapist I am passionate about the complexity of human movement. I truly love the opportunity to work with patients' day in and day out, to optimize the efficiency of their movement in the pursuit of pain free motion and long term injury prevention.

I have always relished the opportunity to work with patients who are dealing with complex pain issues, which really challenges me to utilise all my assessment and treatment skills. Whilst I am a keen manual therapist who understands the benefits of a "hands-on approach" to treatment, I am also a true believer that listening to the patients story, helping them to better understand their symptoms and easing some of the fears that naturally come with being in pain, is integral to facilitating a successful recovery.

My toolbox

I believe that treatment should always be individualised to the patients needs and desires, and as a result, I will call upon a variety of treatment techniques such as spinal manipulation, joint and soft tissue mobilisations, myofascial release, muscle energy techniques, taping, acupuncture, neurodynamic mobilisations, exercise based rehabilitation, and of course an empathetic ear.

Outside of work

I love being active! For as long as I can remember, rugby has been my biggest passion, however, over the last two years I have begun exploring new sports and enjoyed testing my fitness in new ways! I have been training and competing in Crossfit and recently signed myself up for a half marathon!

Surita Tank

My Story:

My journey into Physiotherapy began at a young age, whilst shadowing on a voluntary placement at school. Here, I recall the high levels of skill acquisition, knowledge and manual skills used by the physiotherapist and in return, the reward and satisfaction gained by the clients, which provided me with the aspiration to excel within this profession.

I graduated from Coventry University in 2009 with a first class honours degree in Physiotherapy and since have worked in a variety of settings within the NHS and private sector where I developed my Musculoskeletal, Orthopaedic and Chronic pain knowledge and skills. Whilst undertaking my degree, I took the opportunity to work at the Nepal Orthopedic hospital working with those less fortunate, which provided me with greater passion and determination to make a change to individual's health and well-being.

I chose to specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal dysfunction, as I enjoy working with a variety of complex and challenging conditions including sporting injuries, post trauma and rheumatological conditions whilst developing individualised treatment plans for the very young to the elderly. With a strong desire to make a difference, I am committed to delivering a high standard of care and when combined with a successful recovery, working as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist continues to make every day at work so satisfying and rewarding!

My Toolbox:

When treating an array of conditions, I strive to encourage clients to achieve their optimal level of function. I use a variety of treatment techniques which includes advice, education, manual therapy, acupuncture, exercise therapy, soft tissue techniques, taping and electrotherapy alongside with motivation and self directed goals.

To further assist clients to achieve their target goals, I am currently undertaking my Masters at the University of Birmingham in Manipulative Physiotherapy, to further develop upon my physiotherapeutic skills including manual therapy which I can apply within the clinical setting.

Extra Curricular:

In my spare time I enjoy lecturing to physiotherapy students at Birmingham and Coventry University as well as spending time with family and friends. I keep active by participating in Pilates, Yoga and trekking with a keen ambition to complete Kilimanjaro. I enjoy baking and yes cakes but not quite mastered Mary Berry's level of expertise!

Reena Vaja

My story

I have always been sporty and I find the human body fascinating. The way it functions and moves is incredible. I experienced a few hockey injuries when I was younger and visited a Physiotherapist on many occasions. It gave me a deeper understanding into the various treatment methods and the speed of recovery was fantastic. This is what inspired me to pursue a career as a Physiotherapist.

I graduated in 2006 from the University Of Central Lancashire with a BSc (Hons) degree in Physiotherapy.

Since graduating I have worked in both the NHS and private settings.

I have also had the opportunity to work for the National India Women's Cricket Team in 2007 during a quadrangular tournament.

My Toolbox

Each day at work is different, each client each different, therefore a holistic view is needed to decide on the best methods for the individual. My preferred methods can include advice and education, manual therapy including mobilisation and manipulation, soft and deep tissue/massage techniques, graded stretching, electrotherapy and movement retraining rehabilitation/exercise.

I also have a particular interest in Pilates. I have completed Matwork Levels 1 and 2 with the APPI.

Outside Work

When I'm not working you can generally find me on a hockey pitch.

I'm also a keen traveller and love visiting new countries and immersing myself in their culture.

Kathy Lamb Specialist Exercise and Pilates Teacher

Kathy’s career started in recruitment and sales, where she worked both as a trainer and a manager and during these years she developed many valuable skills in communication and problem solving that she has been able to transfer into her role now as a specialist exercise and Pilates teacher.

After the birth of her first child she decided to have a career direction change. At the time there was very little out there in the way of education and exercise for pregnant and post natal women, and having always had a passion for health and exercise she decided to retrain.

Kathy experienced back problems herself after pregnancy and this is what introduced her to Pilates. Practicing Pilates really help Kathy gain control over her body, and her pain. Feeling frustrated with the large Pilates classes that were run at the big gyms, where personal tuition and supervision was minimal, she decided to train as a Pilates Instructor. She firmly believes in the method, and also believes that one to one and small groups is the only true was a person can go on to feel and see the benefits Pilates can bring.

Over the years Kathy’s expertise has expanded, initially specialising in pregnancy and post natal, she has since gone on to work with clients with a variety of issues, from scoliosis to postural issues to sacro-iliac joint problems.

Here’s her list of quals: L3 CYQ Ante/postnatal exercise, L3 CYQ Pilates, L3 CYQ Nutrition & Weight Management, L3 CYQ Personal Trainer, L2 OCR Aerobics Instructor. L3 Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) .Member of the Guild for Ante/ Postnatal Instuctors. First aid qualified. Fully Insured.

Cat Morgans Specialist Exercise and Pilates Teacher

My Story

I have always enjoyed moving. When I was young I danced, in my twenties I discovered yoga. By my late twenties I soon discovered that being bendy was OK if you had some stability to go with it. If not, it could be a real pain in the bum...quite literally! Back and shoulder problems led me to search out a Pilates teacher. Slowly that Pilates magic started to make my body feel comfortable again. Then one day I realised I was no longer in pain. Goodness, why aren't more people doing this I thought? We need more teachers.....

My tools

As a Pilates teacher, trained in both matwork and studio equipment, I have a curious mind and I love learning more about the amazing human body. Teaching people about the fascinating engineering and architecture they have within them, in fun and engaging ways, is something that gives me great enjoyment. A class can also provide a window of opportunity in a busy and often stressful world to simply breathe, be mindful and relax. Pilates helps you move and feel better in both body and mind.

Outside work

I am a mad dog lady. You will see me in my wellies with Lola, my miniature schnauzer. We love exploring Clent Hills, Sandwell Valley or going further afield on Group Schnauzer Walks. What could be better than the wind in your hair/fur and your faithful companion at your heels? A little sister for Lola ....who should be joining us shortly!

Sara Merrell BA (Hons) Textiles, Practice Manager

My Story

I studied textiles at college & went on to have a career as an Art Director where my job was to organise and produce photo shoots (often in exotic places). I left this career to look after our 2 young children.

Having treated my husband when he was training for his first New York Marathon Sarah became our friend (he couldn't have done it without her & her colleagues & he even went on to do it again!).

When Sarah posted a note on face book saying she was looking for a part time admin person it was fate as far as I was concerned. I'd been working back within a photographic studio full time and was finding it difficult to balance work & family life.

I love being part of the Physio Art Team. I get to use my organisational skills & I get to be part of a Team that really does make a difference to peoples' lives. There's nothing better than hearing our patients talking about how their treatment has improved their quality of life.

In my spare time I still like to be creative often sewing & more recently crochet (it's an age thing!). I also enjoy cooking & especially baking, what can I say? I love eating cakes!

To arrange an appointment or to speak to a physiotherapist, call us on 0121 687 3079 or email admin@physioart.co.uk


"Rather than just treat the injury, Sarah wants to identify the cause so as to prevent it's reoccurance."
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