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Acupuncture, once perceived as an ancient Eastern technique is now a mainstream core skill of most musculo-skeletal physiotherapists. We use it in the management of chronic pain, myofascial and trigger point pain, we use it to enhance the body's own healing capabilities in the treatment of chronic grumbly injuries such as Achilles Tendinopathy or Tennis Elbow.Acupuncture has been well studied and we use it within the framework of sound clinical and research evidence.

Usually acupuncture will form part of your treatment, it's a fantastic adjunct to use alongside an exercise programme or our other manual therapy techniques.

What conditions can we treat with acupuncture?

We treat a whole variety of conditions with acupuncture. It can be particularly effective in treating neck and back pain, especially when there is a lots of muscle tension. We use it for more acute problems too, like an acute whiplash injury, or cervicogenic headaches or sciatica.

Many sport injuries can be treated with acupuncture. Conditions like shin splints, iliotibial band syndrome, runners knee, Achilles tendinopathy and many more can be alleviated so that a rehab programme can be implemented. Other conditions such as osteoarthritis or inflammatory arthritis appear to respond well also.

What points are used?

We use a combination of traditional Chinese points and modern techniques and point selection. We needle a lot of trigger points and find patients respond very well to this.

Does it hurt?

It depends. Some points you don't feel at all however trigger point needling can create a very strong sensation, in fact, we aim for this. In our experience, the more you feel it at the time, the better it works. It can be sore for a day or so after but usually once the treatment soreness settles, so has the injury pain.

How does it work?

We think acupuncture has the ability to stimulate the body's self repair mechanisms. We also think that acupuncture reduces pain by altering pain processing and by stimulating the brain to release it's natural painkillers.

We are members of the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists. For more information on acupuncture it is worth visiting their site: www.aacp.uk.com

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Edgbaston Priory & Aston University

We now have a clinic at Edgbaston Priory Club all day on Tuesdays and on Wednesday mornings, and at Aston University on a Thursday morning. Please click on the links below for details of these locations.

  • Edgbaston Priory
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