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Our Team has grown steadily over the past 10 years. We all share a passion for providing high quality clinically effective physiotherapy. We are all different and have slightly different areas of interest and expertise but together we have confidence that we have the skills, knowledge and experience needed to help you with your injury or pain.

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Our other key team member is Sara, she runs the practice from our admin room. She can sort out all admin issues with insurers etc, and will be the person you speak to when you call to book your initial session.

Sarah Duncton

My Story

My interest in physiotherapy first started when I was 15 - I sprained my ankle just days before my first England Junior hockey trial. It was a nasty sprain, and I didn't make the team that year, but with physio support I then made the England team every year until I was 21.

That's when my career as a physio started, having graduated from Birmingham University with a First class honours degree in physiotherapy I began slowly working my way around NHS physio departments gaining lots of experience in treating people with injury and who are in pain. I carried on playing hockey at National Premier league level and also did lots of travelling working as a physio in Australia and New Zealand.

I always loved learning about how the body works, and found it's workings just fascinating. I've always had an interest in mind-body connections, and love meeting new patients, establishing a strong trusting relationship, finding out what makes them tick and working with them to reach their goals.

It's one of the best feelings in the world when a patient looks at you with a tear in their eye, and says a heartfelt 'thank you, I couldn't have done this without you'. It's incredibly rewarding and I feel very lucky to have a job that brings so much satisfaction.

My Tool-Kit

I am trained in Pilates and Acupuncture and integrate these into my practice every day. I also believe in good hands-on therapy and use soft tissue massage and other techniques on most sessions. I think my biggest asset is my ability to treat patients holistically, to consider their whole story, to create a sound yet lighthearted working relationship, to inspire confidence in their ability to make the changes necessary to reach their goals.

Outside work

I still love to exercise and when I'm not at work, or ferrying my kids around their various activities you'll find me at the gym or in the pool doing my best to stay as fit as my time and energy levels allow! I love the feeling of pushing my body doing circuit and strength type training, I love the calming and cleansing effect an outdoor run or a swim in the outdoor pool gives me.

I'm interested in mindfulness and mental health and read lots around both subjects. I hope to do further studies in mental health, one day hoping I'll be able to qualify as a psychotherapist and be able to blend those skills with my current skills as a physiotherapist.

I also love to ski, bombing down the mountain, with the icy cold snow hitting my face and legs burning is when I am possibly at my most happiest in life!

Alex Deutsch

My Story

I have come from a medical family so it was inevitable that I would follow into health care. My interest started for physiotherapy when I was still in school and participating in sports mainly rowing and rugby. These came with MSK injuries for which I ended up seeing a physiotherapist. I was taken by the process of diagnosis and treatment planning and how it worked I remember think it was magic.

I studied physiotherapy at the University of Birmingham and graduated 2011. Following this I did my rotations in my hometown of Hereford covering all areas including stroke, orthopaedics and musculoskeletal. After this I got a static job in MSK in Dudley as I knew this was the area I had the most interest in. I enjoyed the idea that it covered such a vast area from acute injuries, sports injuries and pain management.

More recently I have a been working on advancing my practice. I have started working towards my MSc and have just completed my prescribing module and furthering my knowledge on medications used for pain management. I have also completed a module in the pharmacology and physiology of pain and next plan to undertake a module in MSK injections. I am currently working as an Advanced Pain Practitioner at Russells Hall Hospital in Dudley. I continue to enjoy working at PhysioArt and bringing my experience from the NHS to treating all conditions.

My Tool-Kit

All treatments should be personalised and appropriate for each patient. After a detailed history taking we will talk through our assessment findings and develop a plan suitable for you. These options may be manual therapy (mobilisation, massage or manipulation), exercise therapy, acupuncture and taping. In pain management, we will discuss management strategies and personalise a plan to get you back to some of your hobbies.

Outside of work

I enjoy sports particularly rugby and golf. I have now hung my rugby boots up but I still enjoy a round of golf. Although I spend a fair bit of time looking for the golf ball in the trees. I keep active in the gym and enjoy swimming. I have just bought a house so any other free time is spent doing some DIY.

Tom Mahoney

My Story

My introduction to physiotherapy began when I was a competitive swimmer. The physiotherapy treatment for my injuries and meeting an experienced physiotherapist who was also a family friend sparked my interest. I was most interested in the method of diagnosis of injury and the process of rehabilitation back to high level function and sport. Together with my enjoyment of teaching that I gained as a swimming coach, I knew that it was the right career for me.

I completed my degree in physiotherapy at the University of Birmingham where I also completed my Level 3 Diploma in sports massage. Whilst at university I assisted with the universities Women’s Hockey team as part of pitch side support. This included pre-match preparation and managing injuries during games. Since graduating I joined the NHS and completed ward based rotations within medicine, orthopaedics and stroke and neurology before specialising in musculoskeletal physiotherapy. I currently work with a variety of conditions and patients including: acute injury, post-surgery, gym-based rehabilitation, hand therapy as well as treating patients with persistent pain.

I am currently working towards my MSc in Advanced Clinical Practice. This course is designed to develop clinicians ability to perform in advanced clinical roles. This includes undertaking modules in advanced health assessment and advanced decision making alongside extensive clinical supervised practice. Over the duration of the course I would become accredited with the Musculoskeletal Association of Chartered Physiotherapists.

My Tool-Kit

I treat every patient as an individual, a thorough assessment and discussion around a patient’s goals will shape the process of their rehabilitation. After an assessment we will discuss treatment options which may include a combination of exercise prescription and manual therapy including massage and mobilisation. It is important to also understand other factors which may be contributing to the problem which we can discuss in more detail during the physiotherapy sessions.

Outside of work

I have always been very involved in sport from swimming and basketball before university to being very involved with the powerlifting society and competed several times whilst at university. I also frequently play tennis and squash and have recently started to take up climbing. Away from sport I have a keen interest in technology, which includes PC building, gaming and photography.

Sophie Christmas

My Story

My passion to be a Physiotherapist stems from being a keen runner and having an enthusiasm to help others reach their goals. I love meeting new people and building a trusting rapport with all patients is important to me and gives great job satisfaction.

My Physiotherapy career began in 2012 after graduating from the University of Hertfordshire and to date has been diverse with a combination of NHS and private experience. Rotating round the core areas was where I started and this is where I found my desire to specialise with the musculoskeletal field of Physiotherapy.

After working within MSK departments in the NHS for four years, I moved to Tignes, France for six months to do a ski season and work for private Physiotherapy company. I assessed and treated plenty of acute and acute on chronic MSK injuries and had the great bonus of being able to ski every day! Following this time, I moved to New Zealand and Australia where I worked in MSK private Physiotherapy practices and continued to travel but also develop as a clinician.

I love working at Physio Art now I’m back on UK soil and also work as a first contact practitioner within GP clinics for the NHS. I really enjoy this combination of my NHS and private work, as it allows me to utilise a wide set of skills and keeps me on my toes!

My Tool-Kit

I am a big believer in treating patients holistically and providing a ‘treatment package’ of hands- on manual therapy skills, exercise prescription, education and advice to meet an individual’s needs and reach goals. I have completed my Acupuncture training and teach Pilates integrating each of these skills into my practice every day.

Outside of work

I’m currently doing my MSc at the University of Birmingham in order to advance my musculoskeletal skills but when I’m not working or studying I have a passion to keep fit and a love for running. I’m training for my sixth half marathon this year and completed my first half ironman triathlon race last year. Alongside this my favourite holiday and probably where I’m at my happiest is on the slopes skiing, but I also enjoy scuba diving, travelling and food!

Harriette Haig

My Story

I first developed an interest in physiotherapy at the age of 12, watching physiotherapists running onto the rugby pitches whilst watching the matches with my dad. Since then my interest has continued to grow.

I studied physiotherapy at the University of Birmingham and graduated in 2012. From there I started working within the NHS developing my skills across a wide range of specialities, including trauma and orthopaedic, MSK, neurology, neurosciences and respiratory.

My interest always remained in MSK, despite working in other areas, and I have worked solely in an outpatient setting for the last 5 years. During this time I have had great opportunities to develop specialist skills in neuro-outpatients, facial rehabilitation, temporomandibular joint dysfunction and have recently completed a masters module in injection therapy.

My Tool-Kit

I believe in treating patients holistically and tailoring all treatments to my patient’s specific needs. Having experience in both neurology and MSK gives we a wide toolkit of skills to use within treatment sessions, these include, exercise prescription, manual therapy, taping and massage therapy.

Outside of work

I love keeping active when not at work and spend a lot of my time running around after my little girl. I love running and try to get out a couple of times a week, but have also recently developed a love for spinning as well. I have completed a couple of marathons and numerous half marathons in the past.

Ruth Harrison

My Story

The catalysts which took me into physiotherapy were wanting to work in a hospital, a love of everything to do with the body, and a broken ankle (mine!). My journey of physio training began at Birmingham University, where I spent 3 years completing my undergraduate course. I then went on to work for 6 years at City Hospital, moving round all the key areas and covering everything from A&E to stroke rehabilitation, picking up a well rounded experience base.

Following those 6 years in the NHS I decided it was time to spread my wings, and moved over to Barcelona where I stayed for 2 years, studying and then teaching Pilates in addition to learning Spanish. I went further afield still for short stints, teaching Pilates in a village in Malawi, learning Thai massage in a hill tribe in Chang Mai, and learning reflexology in India. On top of my core physiotherapy training and hospital experience, these other experiences resulted in me developing a much more holistic approach to patient care.

I returned to the UK in 2011, and after a short time in private practice in Manchester, I relocated to London, working in a clinic on Harley Street, alongside some of the best physiotherapists and consultants in the City. Finally I came full circle to return to Birmingham, where I am now based with my amazing husband and 2 little ones.

My Tool-Kit

I am trained in Pilates, and have lead mat based, equipment based, and antenatal classes, but I also incorporate this Pilates approach with many of the patients I see. I’m trained in acupuncture and manual therapy, which I use alongside guided individualised rehabilitation programmes. In addition to musculoskeletal injuries, I also have a breadth of experience with post-operative patients, including both prehab and post surgical rehabilitation, and enjoy the challenge of getting people back to the things that make them tick.

Outside of work

In addition to Pilates I’m also a huge yoga fan, and I love going for a good romp at the Lickeys with the kids and the dog. I love the arts, and when I can I like to go to gigs, galleries, and plays.

Kelly Grant

My Story

My initial interest in Physiotherapy started aged 15 when I sustained a back injury whilst participating in full-time, vocational dance training at The Royal Ballet School. I had to undergo extensive rehabilitation both mentally and physically and the support of the Physiotherapist enabled me to return to professional level Dance. It was this personal experience recovering from injury, in conjunction with an inherent curiosity for how the body moves and works, that led me to pursue a BSc Honours in Physiotherapy and I graduated from the University of Birmingham with a first-class honours degree in 2012.

On graduation I moved to Cambridge for my first post within the NHS and completed broad and varied clinical rotations in General Medicine, Trauma and Orthopaedics and Neurology, before specialising in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. Through both NHS rotations and private sector work, I gained extensive experience working with people with a range of injuries, conditions and persistent pain, giving me the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in pain science, injury assessment, prevention and rehabilitation. I have worked in leadership and management roles within the NHS, which have developed my communication and problem-solving skills. I have recently moved back to Birmingham to pursue my career in a new location.

I have always been passionate about exercise and have recently sought to expand my knowledge and skills in exercise prescription by completing an MSc module in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation and Exercise Prescription at the University of Hertfordshire. I thoroughly enjoy applying this knowledge in the clinical setting, both 1:1 and when teaching Pilates classes. I am passionate about hearing people’s stories, building trusting and collaborative relationships, individualising the rehabilitation process and empowering people to achieve their goals. I find it hugely rewarding to facilitate people to not only achieve their ambitions but exceed their own expectations and feel it is a privilege to be part of that journey.

My Tool-Kit

I believe in treating every patient individually and adapting the assessment and treatment approach based on their unique story. I’m trained in Acupuncture, Sports Massage, manual therapy and exercise prescription and believe in combining hands-on skills with active treatment, when developing holistic and individualised rehabilitation plans. I am an APPI trained Pilates Instructor and incorporate Pilates principles and exercises into my clinical practice routinely. I believe that education and effective communication are imperative to success when working with patients to rehabilitate from injury and I like to take time to explain things thoroughly, so that patients understand assessment findings and are included in the decision-making process regarding their treatment. I have a keen interest in mindfulness and the benefits of exercise on mental health and well-being and like to explore this in my approach to Physiotherapy management.

Outside of work

I have always loved being active (I struggle to sit still) and enjoy keeping fit with a variety of activities including Running, Swimming, Gym training, Pilates and Yoga. Although I no longer perform, I still enjoy Dancing for recreation and love going to the theatre or live music events. I love hiking and skiing and am a keen traveller, always looking to explore new places and try new things. I’ve more recently got into Paddle Boarding and Kayaking which are good fun. I support The Brain Tumour Charity and have completed a number of sponsored challenges including trekking Mount Kilimanjaro and Machu Picchu to raise money and awareness. I am very family orientated and love nothing more than spending quality time with family, friends and my little dog Bailey. My ambition is to get better at cooking, as this is definitely a weakness of mine!

Kathy Lamb

Kathy's career started in recruitment and sales, where she worked both as a trainer and a manager and during these years she developed many valuable skills in communication and problem solving that she has been able to transfer into her role now as a specialist exercise and Pilates teacher.

After the birth of her first child she decided to have a career direction change. At the time there was very little out there in the way of education and exercise for pregnant and post natal women, and having always had a passion for health and exercise she decided to retrain.

Kathy experienced back problems herself after pregnancy and this is what introduced her to Pilates. Practicing Pilates really help Kathy gain control over her body, and her pain. Feeling frustrated with the large Pilates classes that were run at the big gyms, where personal tuition and supervision was minimal, she decided to train as a Pilates Instructor. She firmly believes in the method, and also believes that one to one and small groups is the only true was a person can go on to feel and see the benefits Pilates can bring.

Over the years Kathy's expertise has expanded, initially specialising in pregnancy and post natal, she has since gone on to work with clients with a variety of issues, from scoliosis to postural issues to sacro-iliac joint problems.

Here's her list of quals: L3 CYQ Ante/postnatal exercise, L3 CYQ Pilates, L3 CYQ Nutrition & Weight Management, L3 CYQ Personal Trainer, L2 OCR Aerobics Instructor. L3 Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) .Member of the Guild for Ante/ Postnatal Instuctors. First aid qualified. Fully Insured.

Cat Morgans

My Story

I have always enjoyed moving. When I was young I danced, in my twenties I discovered yoga. By my late twenties I soon discovered that being bendy was OK if you had some stability to go with it. If not, it could be a real pain in the bum...quite literally! Back and shoulder problems led me to search out a Pilates teacher. Slowly that Pilates magic started to make my body feel comfortable again. Then one day I realised I was no longer in pain. Goodness, why aren't more people doing this I thought? We need more teachers....

My Tool-Kit

As a Pilates teacher, trained in both matwork and studio equipment, I have a curious mind and I love learning more about the amazing human body. Teaching people about the fascinating engineering and architecture they have within them, in fun and engaging ways, is something that gives me great enjoyment. A class can also provide a window of opportunity in a busy and often stressful world to simply breathe, be mindful and relax. Pilates helps you move and feel better in both body and mind.

Outside Work

I am a mad dog lady. You will see me in my wellies with Lola, my miniature schnauzer. We love exploring Clent Hills, Sandwell Valley or going further afield on Group Schnauzer Walks. What could be better than the wind in your hair/fur and your faithful companion at your heels? A little sister for Lola ....who should be joining us shortly!

Sara Merrell

I studied textiles at college & went on to have a career as an Art Director where my job was to organise and produce photo shoots (often in exotic places). I left this career to look after our 2 young children.

Having treated my husband when he was training for his first New York Marathon Sarah became our friend (he couldn't have done it without her & her colleagues & he even went on to do it again!).

When Sarah posted a note on face book saying she was looking for a part time admin person it was fate as far as I was concerned. I'd been working back within a photographic studio full time and was finding it difficult to balance work & family life.

I love being part of the Physio Art Team. I get to use my organisational skills & I get to be part of a Team that really does make a difference to peoples' lives. There's nothing better than hearing our patients talking about how their treatment has improved their quality of life.

In my spare time I still like to be creative often sewing & more recently crochet (it's an age thing!). I also enjoy cooking & especially baking, what can I say? I love eating cakes!

Do you have the right personality with the right qualifications to join our team?

Physio Art are looking to recruit an experienced self-employed part-time physio, to join their team at their busy private practice in Edgbaston. The successful candidate needs to be comfortable with marketing and helping to develop the service as well as keen and able to build and manage their own varied caseload.

The ideal candidate would need to show:

Finding the right person for the role is the most important consideration for us and so if you're the right fit for the team, we can discuss hours/pay/status at the interview. Personality and people skills are just as important to us as qualifications....we need both for the team to be the best it can be. Clinics are available most days and evenings, and Saturdays could be available.

Feedback from our patients says that what is really unique about us is our positive and integrated approach to treating pain. We give our patients the knowledge to reduce their pain and make a full recovery. Our approach involves looking at all of the factors that we know affect pain and recovery such as health attitudes and beliefs, stress levels, sleep habits, lifestyle issues and levels of physical activity to provide a thorough and comprehensive approach to treatment. We are able to take further clinics in both locations and this role is a great opportunity for someone to develop these opportunities, with the potential for further evening and Saturday morning sessions.

Further information is available on application. Please send your CV and covering letter to our Clinical Director, Sarah Duncton, by email to admin@physioart.co.uk

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

To arrange an appointment or to speak to a physiotherapist, call us on 07546 452 368 or email admin@physioart.co.uk

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