Wellness class for older people

What is it?

This incentive behind our wellness class is to help older people get the exercise they need in order to increase general mobility, strength, flexibility and balance, to help live a better quality of live and reduce falls.

Evidence shows that exercising in this way may also build confidence in mobility as well as being in a group setting provides support from others that may be facing the same challenges.

The class includes various chair exercises, using equipment such as resistance bands, small balls and weights, standing exercises and walking exercises for balance.

The class is run by qualified Physiotherapists to help you get the best out of the exercise and they also are aware of any health conditions you may have. Class sizes are no more than 9 participants in order to give you the support that you need.

Why is it important?

Recent evidence has shown that 33 % of those over 65yrs have at least 1 fall in 12 months; this can rise to 50% in those over 80yrs.

Latest advice suggests that an exercise routine that includes strength exercise twice per week can help to keep muscles, bones and joints strong.

It has also been suggested that older adults would also benefit from balance exercises to help prevent falls and frailty.

Who would benefit?

Any one who is finding their mobility a challenge, has had frequent falls, or if you would just like to strength balance and physical activity levels.

The class can also help with conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, or following a stroke.

We don’t have any upper or lower age limit for the class.

If you are unsure if the class is suitable for you, please get in contact with us for more information. It may be necessary to have a 1:1 assessment so that we can establish if you are suitable for the class.

What our patients say….

"I'm finding it easier to get out of the bath since starting the classes and I’ve really enjoyed the social side too"

"It was fun as well as good for me"

"Thank you Sarah & Becky a great class and good companionship."

"My reactions are much better! I’m less puffed out at the end of the session.

"First ever exercise class and felt great . Roll on the next one in a week"

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